3 thoughts on “Library of Congress Archiving Twitter

  1. Perhaps they would take advantage of the metadata the users themselves supply–hashtags. Just like Tweetdeck and many other applications are able to monitor hashtags and aggregate them in real time, LC could probably develop something that would do the same thing. And the fascinating thing about hashtags is the major ones, the ones future historians might be most interested in, tend to coalesce around a specific version (e.g. “#NBCfail”), forming a kind of crowdsourced controlled vocabulary. I must say I love the idea of LC preserving the conversation of the global community.

  2. I always thought they just used the words in the tweet to create the metadata and as Nikki mentions using hastags to help sort and store the tweets. It seems crazy knowing that one day someone is going to look back at what I’ve tweeted and think “wow, she really likes bacon” or something equally crazy.

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