Format Fun

Snow Byte and the Seven Formats is brilliant. I loved everything about this article. It was witty it was funny and it made me feel smart which is a nice perk. But really, the way the story grew around storage formats was downright fun. It introduces some terms like “obsolescence” while merely hinting at others such as the prince Dublin referencing the Dublin Core elements. It also demonstrates the benefits of a digital repository, letting Snow Byte get access to her files after the wicked Queen deleted them all.

I don’t know if the author actually intended the story to be read and understood by children or if that comment was more of a jest. I believe some of the information might be a little complex specifically Dublin’s discussion of the XML wrapper around the information, then again perhaps that is my own lack of familiarity showing through. In either case I think this story brings up many important points concerning information storage and treats them in a light, fun way. I could see this story being a jumping off point for discussions in class or just a really fun relaxing read trying to catch all the references made throughout.


2 thoughts on “Format Fun

  1. “Snow Byte and the Seven Formats: A Digital Preservation Fairy Tale” has been easily one of my favorite readings this semester. I think it raises important questions about when instruction about digital preservation can/should begin. Since people of all age groups (except the very young) create digital documents/files of some type, I think it is important to have strategies (even fun ones) to make preservation a natural part of creation.

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