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So I know I’ve done posts on microformats before where I mentioned, but I’ve gotten excited it about it again and had to do another post. I read this post, which rather than waxing poetical about and how it works just shows it in context with a little example. By using a schema, search engines can find the blog’s cocktail recipe and know that it is a recipe because of the coding.

I have a lot of friends who write creative fiction and one who is using her blog to build backgrounds for the world of her book, introduce characters, and generally flesh out her universe. has a schema for creative works and specifically for blogs. My friend could start incorporating this schema and build a hierarchy for her characters that is visible to search engines as well as naming herself as the creator for each piece and establishing authorship.


One thought on “And more

  1. This post captures nicely the simple fact that is a publishing tool that makes your content more easily understood by spiders and automatic indexing software of the search engine companies. Think about as a system for disambiguation through context specification! 🙂

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