Element: Unique Identifier

Hey guys, here is my thoughts for guidelines for the Unique Identifier field let me know what you think.

Unique Identifier

Element Description
This element specifically and uniquely designates the record to provide disambiguation and exact recall.



Guidelines for Creation of Content
The unique identifier will be built off of the file name of the image. Copy all of the file name except the file type into the Element and add “_Alabama_vs_” right before the name of the opposing school. For the black and white images include a lower case ‘b’ at the end of the name to indicate that the scan is the second iteration of the image.


Let me know what you guys think!


5 thoughts on “Element: Unique Identifier

  1. I don’t know about everyone else, but my images came with file names like “75_Mississippi_016”. Going by this guideline, my image would be “75_Mississippi_016_Alabama_vs_Mississippib”, right? It seems redundant to have “Mississippi” in the identifier twice. Or am I reading the directions wrong?

    • Hey, thanks for commenting. Sorry that the instructions were confusing the Unique ID for your image would be “75_Alabama_vs_Mississippi_016” just insert the “Alabama_vs_” before the opponents name.

    • Humm well my thought was that it might be useful information to have and as I was using a file name as the unique identifier following file naming structure made sense. But I guess we don’t know for sure if this is the second or fifteenth iteration of a image so it might be more accurate not to use it.

  2. Good progress! A couple of notes:
    1) The label for your element will need to reflect Dublin Core usage: “Identifier” rather than “Unique Identifier”
    2) As for noting “black and white” versus “color”: You may want to remind me this evening to ask the class whether anyone else is noting this in their element’s data. If so, you won’t need to duplicate that effort.

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