Order of data within elements

As I was working on the indexing project there were several elements that had us enter multiple lines of data for a single element such as Format, Player Name, Type, and Subject element for a few. I was wondering if I missed a memo about the order of information entered within the elements. For some elements, Format and Type, there was a specific order of information for instance file type first, then size, then pixels for the format element. However, when it came to Player Name and Subject there didn’t seem to be any guidance about what order to enter names. It seemed logical to place all names from the same team together and to start with the most important or obvious subject term for the group. But I was wondering if there was an order I missed or if this order is even relevant. I can see it influencing subject terms, but not so much with player names. What do yall think?


2 thoughts on “Order of data within elements

  1. For the subject element, I tried to follow the order of events as they appeared within the image. For example, if a quarterback was sacked and then fumbled the ball, I listed “sack” and “fumble” in that order. However, it wasn’t always that easy to distinguish a logical sequence of actions in each play. For the player names, I ended up just listing them as I was able to find identifying information. It probably would have been better for me to list the players alphabetically and by team (or by significance), but I didn’t see an option in Omeka to re-order existing entries (and I didn’t want to delete them and reenter the data). Hopefully, anyone who would use my images would still be able to make sense of them!

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