Player Name

So here I thought that player name element would include the player’s number as that is how the player’s are most clearly identified. I was surprised when I didn’t see that information on where or how to enter the number in the Player Name element instructions. However, after some consideration I realized it didn’t fall within the parameters of the element as having multiple numbers which may include different teams with the same numbers could be distracting and cause confusion.


2 thoughts on “Player Name

  1. Yes for more recent games there’s some XML data available for the game statistics and what is happening but not a great linked data and a 30 file for all the players, and some schools they have data, but I would love to see the NCAA host a data repository of every member who pays dues in the eight NCAA i.e. all college players. That would be great to be able to pull for all colleges to link their data back to the main collection.

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