Persistent Identifiers…wha?

I’ll admit this article mostly left me stumped. It could be that I’m not completely certain of the terms being used, but I was mostly scratching my head. I could understand some of what, I think, were the main points. I thought the models based on the discovered questions had an organization that I could follow. It makes sense that before knowing what steps should be taken to persistently preserve an identifier, it must be known what needs a persistent identifier and so forth.

I even found it interesting that persistent identifiers could be applied not only to concrete documents, but to relationships and such abstractions as FRBR’s concepts of Work and Manifestation. But when the article came to trying to explain what “persist” meant I simply could follow the logic. I couldn’t tell if the article meant that a certain flyer, no longer available on the web, was still referenced by another document because it was mentioned or something more high-tech than that. I think I’ll try some of the background readings and come back to this article.

A policy checklist for enabling persistence of identifiers