Keeping Track of the Versions

File naming is an important aspect of data management. Creating files that are systematically named ensures that files are easy to access, that edits are tracked, and that old versions of files don’t accidentally overwrite new versions. As I’m considering using files names of images to serve as a unique identifiers in our schema file naming is something to blog about. ensuring that one file does not accidentally overwrite another file in a different location when either file is moved is a concern. One way to manage this is to keep careful track of any changes made to the file by editing the file name with an addendum either a final number which can be changed to reflect the number of the version or by using an alphabetical variant a,b,c etc. My classmate shows a great example of this in her blog here.

When building our schema, we are trying to consider making sure that the data and elements are relevant and clear even if the files were shared and used in another database. If the other library also used file names as unique identifier there could be duplication in the records. To make sure that our files were clear and unique Dr. MacCall recommended putting some identifier that Alabama was playing, as the current file names only list the opposing teams. I suggest we enter something like this “Alabama_vs_” into the middle of the file name right before the opponent name. As a further way to reduce duplication or to simply follow naming protocol we could add a letter to the end of the file name especially for the scanned photos to indicate that they were not taken digitally. Thoughts?