Not as They Seem

I was surprised which elements were the most difficult for me to index properly. When I first looked over the list a couple immediately jumped out to me as stumpers namely the Description, Subject, Format, and Contributor elements. It was interesting as I worked through the process which elements were actually difficult. Elements such as Format and Contributor were actually fairly simple as I just had to locate the correct information from the properties section of the image and copy over the information. Description oddly enough wasn’t as challenging as I expected. I think this is completely due to the fact that I indexed that element after indexing the Subject and Title elements, and Description is basically a combination of those two elements with more detail. The Subject element was difficult although thankfully not as impossible as I feared due to the simple vocabulary provided by my class mate. I was probably the most stumped by the Player Name element as I couldn’t find information for the Southern Mississippi team in 1975 and I had several images from that season. This was information I couldn’t try to intuit and had to end up leaving blank.

More about football

I have to say that I am not a football girl. For that matter I’m not even a sports girl so I was so incredibly grateful for the incredible work done by Metadata Wonderings. She wrote out really nice descriptions of subject headings that we may need for our indexing project on football. She not only wrote out what things were but what type of players would be involved in them, when they might happen, and a couple of ways to differentiate between similar looking actions. There were still a couple of times I was left looking a picture and wanting to enter something obscenely generic like “Two large men crash on football field” but it was so so SO much easier thanks to her work. I also learned more about football than I thought I ever wanted to know, but as this project shows, knowing information about different genres is good as we may be called upon to index activities we know nothing about.