Blog Questions Response

One of my classmates posted a very interesting blog on technological skills in Library and Information Science work. I won’t answer all of them as I don’t have opinions on all of the questions, but here are some of my thoughts. Here is his original post.

1. What do you define as “tech skills”?

I think the broad definition is being able to use the tools at your given library to serve the population. I would think “tech skills” encompasses everything from troubleshooting computers to using XML and HTML to update the library webpage.

2. Which types of “tech skills” (broadly defined) have you found to be particularly useful in your work environments?

A few common ones spring to mind like being comfortable with Microsoft Office, but right now I am seeing the importance of reference skills such as being familiar and comfortable with the databases my library supports and knowing how to sift through results for good information.

5. How important do you think “soft skills” (communication, interpersonal skills, etc.) are for LIS professionals?

Personally I think they are some of the most important skills in a librarians’ tool kit. Being able to find the right information or fix the problem doesn’t mean much if the patron feels like an idiot by the end of the process. Being able to present information, assistance, and even teaching information literacy skills in a friendly and non-threatening manner is a skill I think all librarians need to know. Even if the librarian doesn’t work with the public a great deal being able to understand the patrons’ concerns and work with the other librarians to serve them is a must.