Not as They Seem

I was surprised which elements were the most difficult for me to index properly. When I first looked over the list a couple immediately jumped out to me as stumpers namely the Description, Subject, Format, and Contributor elements. It was interesting as I worked through the process which elements were actually difficult. Elements such as Format and Contributor were actually fairly simple as I just had to locate the correct information from the properties section of the image and copy over the information. Description oddly enough wasn’t as challenging as I expected. I think this is completely due to the fact that I indexed that element after indexing the Subject and Title elements, and Description is basically a combination of those two elements with more detail. The Subject element was difficult although thankfully not as impossible as I feared due to the simple vocabulary provided by my class mate. I was probably the most stumped by the Player Name element as I couldn’t find information for the Southern Mississippi team in 1975 and I had several images from that season. This was information I couldn’t try to intuit and had to end up leaving blank.