File name as Unique Identifier?

In many ways I think I got the easiest element of the schema. I simply have to create rules for assigning a unique identifier for each image. I think Dr. MacCall had a good idea from class about simply using the file names of the images as a unique ID. He also suggested adding some identifier of Alabama so that if our schema is used in other databases both the home and opponent names could be known from the unique ID. I thinkĀ using the file nameĀ has a lot of merit as the file names have a lot of good information already embedded into it. The three digit numbers at the end of the file name are likely simply the number of pictures taken and that number might give valuable information as to the image’s relation to other pictures in the game. For instance two of my photos are one number after the other and may be in the same play. This information could be useful when trying to identify relationships between photos.