Information Overload

My class mate over at Library Corner wrote a very interesting blog post titled “The Future is Ours”. In it she mentions how we are taking control of writing our own histories via blogs, twitter, and other social media. Instead of history being written by the victor history will be written by its subject. She also brings up a valid concern, the ability for people to keep up with all these personal histories. For instance if you have a hundred blogs from a hundred different view points of a certain event your average reader isn’t going to read a hundred blogs but one or two of the most well rated ones. Even as our ability to disseminate information increases via the internet information overload becomes a real problem.

Information overload is a concern that can only really be handled through organization. And the author of Library Corner makes a very good point that Metadata is one of the ways to organize this information. With proper metadata use and attaching a tweet to a popular hashtag it is possible for even a little known author to have their information seen by others.